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First-in-Class miRNA-based Cellular Reprogramming Technology

A powerful approach to extending lifespan significantly.

Athergen is an A.I. enabled biotech start-up focused on longevity-related indications and degenerative diseases.


In recognizing epigenetic change to be at the kernel level of chronic disease, we created our truly next-generation ACeRT platform (Athergen’s Cell Reprogramming Technology) that will revolutionize regenerative medicine, cellular therapy and anti-aging treatments.


ACeRT synergizes our three proprietary technologies, “miRNAcle”, “ENV” and “CytoFinder”, and when harnessed together, have the capability to safely reprogram target cells or entire organisms, returning their epigenetic profile to the state it exhibited during youth.


With our existing studies data proving our technology to be the world’s first safe and effective in vivo whole-organism cell reprogramming, and effective at treating Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes and heart disease at their epigenetic level, as well as robust IP protection for our portfolio of biotechnology assets, we are poised to revolutionize medicine.

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