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About Us.

Athergen is a biotech start-up focused on longevity-related indications and degenerative diseasesAthergen has a proprietary AI-enabled discovery process for its Cell Reprogramming Technology platform, Medical Device and Small Molecule, all focused on treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic and aging-related diseases.

Our innovative approach, which focuses on leveraging miRNA-based reprogramming, empowers us to address a broad spectrum of diseases and conditions associated with aging. At the core of chronic diseases lies an age-resembling epigenetic alteration. By specifically modifying this epigenetic framework, we unleash possibilities for tissue restoration, organ renewal, functional recovery of cells, and even the reversal of cellular aging.

At the core of Athergen, we are committed to driving a paradigm shift in the way we understand and treat human disorders. Our mission extends beyond merely prolonging lifespan; we are deeply committed to enhancing the overall health and quality of life for individuals across all age groups.

As we continue to advance the frontiers of cellular science, our focus stays on meaningful collaboration, ethical research, and the creation of transformative healthcare solutions. Together, we are setting a new direction for the future of medicine, and we warmly invite you to participate in this groundbreaking journey.

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